Intobeige is a family-oriented care home provider, dedicated to serving the community in Elgin, Scotland. Currently, we proudly operate Spynie, a care home renowned for its exceptional residential, nursing, and specialist care services.

We are committed to creating the optimal environment for our residents and recognize the influence and impact our business has on the environment and the communities in which we operate. We are committed to sustainability and to minimizing our environmental footprint while enhancing the well-being of our residents, employees, and local communities.

Our Commitment to the Environment

As responsible members of the care industry, it is crucial for us to take proactive steps to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainability. We will do this through:

  • Reduction in energy usage
  • Implementation of voltage optimisation programs
  • LED lighting implementation across all venues
  • Renewable and sustainable product adoption
  • Eco-certified electrical product investment
  • Reduction in single-use products
  • Utilization of products that are kinder to the environment
  • Aerosol use elimination
  • Sustainable waste management
  • Collaboration with accredited national partners on actions to that drive sustainability

Our Commitment to the Intobeige Team

We believe in providing a safe and healthy workplace for all team members. We are committed to continually improving our business practices and minimizing our environmental impact. Our team members play a vital role in reducing our footprint by actively participating in sustainability efforts. We will do this through implementing and promoting:

  • Sustainability Champions across every Cairn Group venue
  • A Sustainability Team feedback forum
  • Sustainability education
  • Sustainable travel initiatives including car-share and cycle to work schemes
  • Engaging in local transport partnerships and promotion
  • Electric vehicle investment across our owned fleet
  • EV charging points across venues
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion policies
  • Health and well-being programs

Our Commitment to the Community

Intobeige recognizes the importance of community sustainability and is committed to operating its care homes in a manner that supports and enhances the communities in which they operate. We will do this through:

  • Community sponsorship and investment
  • Supporting small and local businesses within our operations
  • Implementing conservation and protection measures in venue grounds
  • Providing team members with the tools to engage in community clean-up projects
  • Engaging educational establishments regarding employment opportunities and training
  • Partnering with local community groups regarding health and wellness activities

Our Commitment to Residents

Residents play an important role in promoting sustainability in care homes. By making conscious choices, such as reducing energy and water usage, properly disposing of waste, and using eco-friendly products, residents can help minimize their environmental impact. We will support residents in this through implementing and promoting:

  • Access to a range of sustainable products on site
  • Sustainable travel options to care homes
  • Local transport partnerships 
  • Installation of EV charging points across venues